What an amazing week / rally we had here in France, the FIA Motorsport Games 2022 where amazing! Result: 7th RC4 , 19th overall.

Can not be more proud of our MvH Rallysport team and ofcourse our Dutch nation team (Knac Nationale Autosport Federatie (KNAF)) !

So many people to thank, who made this possible! Before and while the rally/event!

Shout outs will follow soon!

But I do want to say first a very very big thank you to Mellors Elliot Motorsport / Ollie Mellors / Team UK for helping us out this weekend! We noticed that our downpipe was cracked and sir Chris Mellors managed to weld /repair it perfectly! So we could start the rally!

Can not say this engough, thank you! Hopefully we meet you guys soon again in maybe the UK?

The St. Baume rally was really challenging for Nard Ippen and me! Specially so many pacenotes so fast, Nard delivered them perfectly! But man,… this rally was really tough for us! But hey! We gained so much experience!

Nicolas Klinger and Jerome Roussel, you created an amazing rally event! Thank you for all the good organisation! And lets meet again soon!

Last but not least, Angela Keuper and Matty van Gastel you guys did great! I am so happy that you coordinate us for team Nederland!

In the days to come more posts/ onboards will follow!

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